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Radio-J: Acapella & more during Sefirat ha'Omer
In observance of the period between Pesach and Shavuot, known as Sefirat HaOmer [The Counting of The Omer], Radio-J will present alternating programs of acapella recordings and regular music for those who do not listen to recorded music during sefira.

Acapella programming will be presented between Rosh Chodesh Iyar, April 12, and Lag BaOmer, the evening of April 29, which covers the period during which the mourning customs of sefira are observed by all.

Acapella and music programs will alternate every four hours Monday - Saturday, beginning with acapella at 8 AM EDT. See the schedule below for details.

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Radio-J Sefira Programming Schedule
Time (EDT) Monday - Saturday
8:00 AM Acapella (begins at 9 am on Mondays)
Noon Music
4:00 PM Acapella
8:00 PM Music
Midnight Acapella
4:00 AM Music

"Radio From Six Feet Away" airs from 10:00 PM - Midnight on Mondays and Wednesdays

Time (EDT) Sunday
8:00 AM Acapella
Noon Sounds Jewish #1
1:00 PM Sounds Jewish #2
2:00 PM Sounds Jewish NEW
3:00 PM Acapella
6:00 PM Sounds Jewish #1
7:00 PM Sounds Jewish #2
8:00 PM Sounds Jewish NEW
9:00 PM Acapella
Midnight Sounds Jewish #1
1:00 AM Sounds Jewish #2
2:00 AM Sounds Jewish NEW
3:00 AM Acapella
6:00 AM Sounds Jewish #1
7:00 AM Sounds Jewish #2
8:00 AM Sounds Jewish NEW

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Sounds Jewish April 18, 2021
Andy Muchin



Radio-J on Demand -1
Sounds Jewish April 11, 2021
Andy Muchin

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