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Radio-J Celebrates Sukkos
With Yom Kippur in the rearview mirror, Jews around the world begain the hasty preparations for Sukkos. Radio-J has the music and entertainment to make this Sukkos the most festive ever.

During the days leading up to Sukkos, we'll bring you the very best in holiday tunes featuring your favorite aritsts, duirng Shalom America Worldwide and The Mix.

During Chol HaMoed, Radio-J will suspend its regular programming to bring you holiday favorites all day long as part of special day-long Sukkos editions of The Mix.

All programming will be suspended in observance of the first two days of Sukkos and Shabbos, beginning Wednesday, October 4 at 7:00 pm US-EDT, and will resume at the conclusion of the Shabbos at 8:00 pm US-EDT Saturday, October 7. A special Sukkos edition of The Mix will air after Shabbos, until 7:00 AM US-EDT on Sunday, October 8, when the regular Radio-J Sunday schedule will be heard, featuring special Sukkos programming.

All-day Sukkos editions of The Mix will be aired beginning at 9:00 am US-EDT Monday, October 9, through the start of Shemini Atzeres on Wednesday, October 11 at 7:00 pm US-EDT.

Radio-J will again leave the air for Shemini Atzeres, Simchas Torah, and Shabbos beginning at 7:00 PM US-EDT on Wednesday, October 11, and programming will resume after Shabbos on Saturday, October 14, at 8:00 PM US-EDT

On behalf of the entire Radio-J and Olam Broadcasting Family, we wish you and your family חג שמח!

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