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Terrorist attacks have once again become commonplace in Jerusalem. Tensions are mounting, and the situation is changing on an hour by hour basis. The news agencies, broadcast networks, and daily newspapers in The United States and Europe continue to blame Israel the true victim and to downplay the events of recent weeks.

During such times, it can be difficult to find reliable, accurate, and un-biased reporting. is the place to tune-in, when you want the latest news from Israel, including live reports, interviews with the newsmakers and policy-shapers in the US and Israel, and in-depth analysis from a team of middle-east experts.

Listen to Shalom America Worldwide Monday Friday live at 9am US-EST (UTC -5), and on Sundays at 7am US-EST (UTC-5) with replays at 3pm, 9pm, and the next day at 3am for the most accurate up to the minute information about the latest security crisis in Israel.

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