Shalom America Worldwide
9:00:00 AM-11:00:00 AM

Phil Fink hosts two hours of music spanning every genres of the Jewish spectrum, together with news from Israel, political insight from Micah Halpern, and interviews with newsmakers, authors, entertainers and others who are making an impact in the Jewish community and the world at large.

Artist of the Day
11:00:00 AM-12:00:00 PM

Each day Radio-j spotlights another star in the world of Jewish music with this 60 minute salute. Hear old favorites or listen to the latest release from new up and comers.

Today's News + And Now a Word From Our Rabbi
12:00:00 PM-12:30:00 PM

Today's News is a daily 15 minute newscast focusing on current events and developments in the US, Israel, and Jewish communities around the world.

And Now a Word From Our Rabbi is a 15 minute segment featuring a rotating cast of Rabbis speaking on a variety of topics.

Cantor's Corner
12:30:00 PM-1:00:00 PM

Get ready for Shabbos with a selection of cantorial recordings ranging from present-day to vintage recordings.

Get Your Shabbos On
1:00:00 PM-3:00:00 PM

120 minutes of Shabbos music to accompany your preparations for the upcoming day of rest.